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[ Oct. 17, 2008 by Jimmy Hogan ]
I did a little research on census projections and the net effect on the electoral college for 2012.

Turns out if the Republicans win the White House in 2008 it's even more likely they will win again in 2012 because the estimated census shift gives a 12 elector advantage to red states over blue states. It seems people are fleeing the high tax liberal paradises in droves.

The same thing happened after the 2000 census giving Red States a net 14 elector benefit going into the 2004 election.

Obviously some of the battleground states may or may not vote the same way they did in '04 but I think the information is a good guideline.

This also bodes well for Red State representation in the House of Representatives.

Here's the math:

Spreadsheet: election2012.xls

Source data:
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