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My Virgin Earth Prize Entry

CO2 eating algae saves the day...

[ Jul. 8, 2019 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Where's all that rain coming from... here..

[ Apr. 24, 2013 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Hennessey sure gets it... here..

[ Oct. 16, 2012 by Jimmy Hogan ]
I did a quick comparison between the CBO's 2009 Deficit Projection to the Actual Deficits including Net TARP expenditures and repayment here.

[ Aug. 31, 2012 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Awaking here from a long hibernation I've really just finally got my fill of how everyone seems to be giving President Obama a pass on spending. The latest myth is being advanced by with a very deceptive graphic that by their own admission doesn't tell the whole story ... (continue reading) ...

[ Nov. 3, 2008 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Going Galt?

[ October 17, 2008 by Jimmy Hogan ]
I did an electoral analysis based on the 2010 census projections. It looks good for the GOP. Net gain of 12 electors for the next election.

[ August 22, 2008 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Well, now Greenland ice cores are supporting my position that global warming has more to do with our successes in pollution control than anything else man has done.(Click here for the story)

[ July 17, 2008 by Jimmy Hogan ]
PopSci has an article about algae biomass that's pretty interesting.

Too bad they are about 18 months behind the curve.

[ July 11, 2008 by Jimmy Hogan ]
More support for my Particulate Theory over at PopSci today.

via instapundit

[ June 27, 2008 by Jimmy Hogan ]
So, everyone's pulling their hair out today about the melting ice at the North Pole.

This indicates that particulate pollution has been reduced substantially due to our great success in pollution control in the northern hemisphere over the past century and more particularly in the last 30 years.

Remind you of anything?

[ February 28, 2008 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Just so I don't lose track of it this story about prison population growth goes into a point I've made on numerous occasions. Where it does address how costly and ineffective it is for us to have all these dang prisoners; what it doesn't say is that in addition to costing us a ton to incarcerate not a one of these people is adding any value to society while incarcerated.

[ January 29, 2008 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Revisiting my Virgin Earth Challenge "entry" today here. Will the scientists never catch up?

[ August 06, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Bill Hobbs takes note of a little of my Sharpie Art over at

Well... somebody had to say it.

[ June 25, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
On Immigration...

I've been building business and computer systems for over 20 years and the one rule you learn quickly is that if you design a system where it's easier to do right than it is to do wrong then there is little need to build in excessive and expensive controls.

The Guest Worker program accomplishes this; responding to the reality of 11 million immigrants plus the many more who want to be (and should be) here on work visas. With Guest Worker in place the job of enforcing the border becomes much easier rather than harder because it makes more sense to be compliant than to live in the shadows. This allows enforcement to focus-in on the much smaller minority of people who then try to subvert a more reasonable system.

The White House's dilemma is that the public at large has no idea of this concept because all of the pundits are shouting it down by screaming "AMNESTY" over and over at the top of their lungs.

[ June 12, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
A Bush 'Turn-Around' on Global Warming? Defending Bush 

[ May 29, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Debating Fair(?) Trade today over at 

[ May 24, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Don't forget! Today is Talk Like Bob Dylan Day

[ May 22, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Shirley and I debate whether to sweat the small stuff today over at 

[ May 3, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Debating Environmental Hypocricy  

[ May 1, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Bloomberg's Plan for NYC  

[ April 21, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
"Supply Side Environmentalism"

[ April 18, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
Hammering the conservative vs. liberal debate at GO 

[ April 16, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]
A massive gor'easter storm hits; stimulated, evidently, by hot air rising from global warming protests [more...]

[ April 13, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Fuzzy Climate Math

George Will doesn't buy it... [more...]

[ April 10, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

The Future of Plastic: Diesel Fuel Substitute  

Amy Stodghill runs across a very interesting innovation that combines fresh supplies, fuel and waste conservation for the Military. [more...]

[ April 5, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Green Myth-Busting: Biodiesel  

Clayton Cornell makes the case for Biodiesel over at Green Options. [more...]

[ April 2, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Innovations like this...

... are what keep me optimistic about the future. Scientists say they've found a way to change type A and B donated blood -- which can only be used by people with those types -- into universally usable type O.

Good news to be sure.

[ March 28, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Interview with Michael Crichton

Great interview over at The Daily Ablution. (via instapundit)

[ March 27, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Painless Conservation from ShowerStart  

It is not often that you run across a green item that is painless to use, inexpensive, and such a simple idea that you hit yourself and say, "Darn, why didn’t I think of that?". The new ShowerStart is that item. [more...]

[ March 26, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

The Real Cause of Global Warming?

I got this one in an e'mail forward but couldn't resist throwing it up on the site.

Not sure where this is originally from but I'm happy to credit the photographer or take it down if it's copyrighted... just send me an e'mail.

[ March 22, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Interview with Ed Begley, Jr.

This one is too cool to ignore... Jeff McIntire-Strasburg interviews Ed Begley, Jr. at Green Options. [more...]

[ March 20, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Overt Consumption as a Lifestyle?

I’ve run the numbers and done the math. Because of our progressive tax structure I could easily quit my job and do just as well financially as I do now. [more...]

[ March 15, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

The Four Big Ethanol Myths

There are many studies that have placed the whole cost of ethanol including cost to plant, fertilize, harvest and refine crops; higher than gasoline. There is some truth to the studies but what they fail to consider is the WHOLE cost of gasoline. [more...]

[ March 7, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Scientific Proof that God Exists!

Given the current 'atmosphere' of the climate science debate I decided to apply the standards used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change to determine, beyond any reasonable scientific doubt, if God really exists. [more...]

[ March 6, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Defending Bush's Environmental Record

There is a vast perception in the environmental community and the population at large that George Bush is a slash and burn industrialist who destroys the environment for pleasure. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bush’s environmental record, though highly criticized, is reasonable and right; and is contributing greatly to the well being of Mother Earth. [more...]

[ February 27, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Common Ground

The earth is warming. There is no denying this and CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere are increasing. These are facts that are studied and proven. The question before the world today, though, is “does this represent a cause and effect relationship?”. The consensus at last count was around 90% in favor of the idea of CO2 as the major contributing cause to global warming. I happen to be in the 10% of people who are not yet convinced. [more...]

[ February 21, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Virgin Earth Challenge Entry

Driven by greed in the way only an Ayn Rand disciple can be... I've decided to take on the 'Virgin Earth Challenge' to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere by 1 billion tons. My summary thoughts are as follows:[more...]

[ February 5, 2007 by Jimmy Hogan ]

Does Particulate Reduction Help Explain Progressive Global Warming Trends?

Recently a friend of mine, concerned about my well being (and the survival of the planet), asked me to take a serious look at global warming. I’m generally a skeptic of these Malthusian prophecies but since this one is gaining so much steam in the media and in the public consensus I thought I would check it out.[more...]


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